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Style, needs, priority and budget assessments are conducted to establish the goal of the project, the pieces needed, the importance of those pieces and the target budget range the client would like to stay within.  This information gives our team what is needed to create an initial budget breakout which assigns each item a portion of the overall budget, based on priorities.  This process determines if it is possible to meet the needs within the desired budget or if other options should be explored.  If you are working to determine the type of budget required for your needs, you can review the Pricing Guide in the resource section below.

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We send a project agreement and deposit invoice and you review, approve, and pay.  This confirms our commitment to you and your commitment to us.  Our team is now positioned to begin planning with you.


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A detailed design plan is created.  We review and refine it together.  The design plan outlines the project goal and gives recipients a detailed look inside the colors, textures, shapes and size of the floral elements.  We examine how the flowers relate and partner with the bridal party wardrobe, venue setting, tables, chairs and other style elements to tell a beautiful story that gently flows from one experience to the next.  The final plan is presented and approved and payments are scheduled.

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he payments mentioned in phase three position our team to implement plans.  Internal production timelines are created.  Hard goods are sourced and purchased, flowers are ordered and day-of staff is booked.  One month prior to your event, we will check in to review your design plan and make adjustments based on your guest count and any new known needs.  We will also review the timeline for your day once more.

he week of your event our team has all your supplies in house and receives your florals.  The plans start coming to life.  When it's time to head to your venue we carefully pack up your arrangements and put them in their appointed places.  Your bouquets and personal flowers are delivered, your ceremony is set and tables are dressed for your celebration.  We return to clean up the decor while you are enjoying your honeymoon and your family takes time to rest.

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