I know I’m a florist/event designer, but my real job is creating the petal-covered pathway to lead you back to your wedding day for a second so you can grow in love for a lifetime
— Kelly Perry, Owner

All photos by Heather Payne Photography

The best decision I made for the wedding was letting Kelly have free reign with the floral choices. It was like one big, beautiful surprise party. It looked like something straight out of a bridal magazine.
— Caitlin
I can’t say enough amazing things about Kelly! She was so patient, accommodating and flexible when we were discussing floral designs for my wedding and she did an excellent job on everything from the bridal bouquets to the table arrangements. Her work is flawless.
— Rebekah
I had a lot of excellent vendors for my wedding, but Kelly was without a doubt my favorite. I have never seen a bouquet as beautiful as the one she made for me. Seeing it almost brought me to tears.
— Lindsay
Her arrangements are works of art and my favorite detail of the wedding weekend. In addition to her talent for picking the perfect flowers, she complimented them with vines, berries, and leaves from the woods, creating the perfect vintage, natural feel I wanted. She knew the flowers I wanted for my wedding before I did.
— Liz